Sunday, September 25, 2005

Over/Underrated albums

There are certain albums you know you are supposed to like alot, but you just can't manage it. I always worry I must be missing the point. For instance here are seven albums the world thinks I should like more

1) Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights
Ten out of ten of my closest neighbours on RYM love this album. Brainwashed readers voted it best of 2002. Why? I have no idea, and it really upsets me

2) Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It In People
3) Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
4) Neil Young - On The Beach
5) Arcade Fire - Funeral
6) Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf
7) Tool - Lateralus

Am I right or wrong? Should I try harder on any of them? How come everybody on the internet loves Interpol, but I have never met anyone in real life who will admit it?

Sunday, September 18, 2005


I'm still trying to figure out 2003
Here's a list of who's currently featuring in my thoughts

1 Basil Kirchin Quantum: A Journey Through Sound In Two Parts
2 Leafcutter John The Housebound Spirit
3 Miles Davis The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions
4 Animal Collective Here Comes The Indian
5 So So
6 Pluramon Dreams Top Rock
7 Limescale Limescale
8 Cul De Sac The Strangler's Wife
9 Mu Afro Finger and Gel
10 Chris Watson Weather Report
11 Dizzee Rascal Boy In Da Corner
12 Autechre Draft 7.30
13 Fennesz Live in Japan
14 Viktor Vaughn Vaudeville Villain
15 Magic Band Back To The Front
16 Maher Shalal Hash Baz Blues Du Jour
17 Matmos The Civil War
18 John Fahey Red Cross
19 David Sylvian Blemish
20 No-Neck Blues Band Intonomancy

Monday, May 09, 2005

I have it!

Let it not be said that I never write anything on my blog:
Actually let it be said, but counterbalanced by the fact that erik satie wrote stuff, that I am able to make you aware of. What a nutter! Link courtesy of Jean, the Brewmistress' Mom.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Great Science

I recommend you thoroughly absorb this paper, recently accepted for publication in an important scientific conference. While you're at it, enjoy this website alot.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Scrub your mind and start again

Being a topnotch blogger is easy. You don't even need to have great ideas - People just email you their's. Check out this offering from Chinese genius Cuiyou Lee. This guy has thrashed out his ideas with some of the greatest monds on the planet. Trust me - after reading this you will never think the same way again. In fact, just stop thinking right now, and start "Two-point" thinking. What a waste of the last 29 years!

1 )   A Letter  To President Of Yale University----------Levin


2 )   A Letter To Chancellor Of Paris University


3 )   A Letter to President Of Harvard University -------  Summers

 4 )   A Letter to Mr. President -------Bush


 5 )   A Letter  To French President -------- Chirac 


 6 )   A Letter  To  Mrs. Hillary


 7 )   A  Letter  about  GRE  


 8  )  The Theory Of  Cerebral Thinking


 9 )  Magnetic  Model


10 )  Intoduction To  A  Ancient  Poet




                   A  Letter  To  President  Of  Yale  University----Levin


         I have sent a great qauntity of emails to more than fifty universitiy over the world ,I think that Yale's web is one of the best web among these universities .

          Another , present President Bush , ex-President Clinton and future first female President Mrs. Hillary and one of President Bush's daughter graduated from Yale ( If I remember it correctly ) ,so , I admire Yale very much . 

      Here , I have applied two-point theory of thinking to analysis of politics and society .I write some conclutions in letters to Bush and Hillary ,respectively ,would you like them ? Could you help me send the two letters to them .

      Next , my ebox is ready to send a letter to Chinese Chairman

JinTao Hu .



                           Yours Sincerely  


                                    Cuiyou  Lee




                     A  Letter To  Chancellor  Of  Paris  University

       Dear Chancellor of Paris University ,I have spent 19 years on reaserching theory of human thinking and I apply it to analysis of international politics and other humanities,I call the applied theory as the two-point theory of thinking ( The two points

are grey matter and white matter ), Could you help you send the letter to French President ------- Chirac .



                      Sincer Yous


                                 Cuiyou Lee


                                  April  second  2005 



      A   Letter to President Of Harvard University ------- Summers


      I have reaserched thinking theory of cerebrum since 1986 , at the same time ,I learned thinking theory , physics and economy by myself ,so ,I like to write more articles to many people by email , they may regard my articles as papers ,I think that it is a good way which introduce myself to others .we may send your articles to others if we make our addresses of email public , so our communications can be improved promptly , I expect that you make your addresses of email public to enhance friendship each others .

    I have sent over one ten thoudsand  letters to professors and students at more than 50 universties of more than twenty countries in the world . 

     My intrerst in theory of cerebrum entirely comes from a accidental mind : Before I soon graduated from high -school , in order to increase scorces of which I entranced universities ,I adopted method by keeping brain from working ordinarily to increase

amount of partial thinkings and improve intelligence , later ,after I found I could reaserch theory of cerebrum and characters of thinkings by the method , I began to reaserch human thinkings .

           Presently , I plan to apply theory of thinkings to reform of GRE and make GRE's

princeples approach princeples of human thinkings .theory of intelligent

machine about understanding of language has been written before .If metheod of GRE is reformed , this will be the first application of intelligent machine with ability of logical thinking .

             Another application of cerebrual theory is to explain all things

in our social life , I call the applied theory as two-point theory ,here ,

I write to President Bush a letter in which I apply the theory to international politics , this is my third letter to President Bush , could you send it to him for me ? 


                              Yours   Sincerely   


                                         Cuiyou  Lee        


                                                        March 20th  2005



                   A    Letter   to   President    Bush


            I have reaserched cerebrual thinkings ,I made a conclusion and call it as two-point theory : All kinds of human thinkings may be attributed to both memory thinking and divergent thinking ,both thinkings are determined , from cerebrual structure ,by ratio of white matter and grey matter ,from cerebrual functions ,by ratio of input nerve system and output nerve system , when one's grey matter is rich , he will have a strong memory ,comprehensive ability is strong and get along with people honestly ,offend persons difficulty , has a belief in himself ; When one's white matter is rich , he often has more words and illusions ,his imagination is rich ,in addition ,a person whose grey matter

is rich will do something methodically and be easily conversative ,even stick to convention for his entire life ; A person whose white matter is rich easily makes others astonishing ,but lack presentation easily ,minds and words are more but lack logic ,is easily capricious in characters , feeling is uneasily honestly , he does something actively , even ridical alone ,but wins confidence of persons who don't know well , but easily offend many people .

      By analysis of human thinkings ,we can analyse characters of people so that we can recognize our world ,i.e.,analysis of thinking can be applied to many

aspects of society , such as law ,economy ,politics and so on ,later ,I will try to analyse them by the method , here is first article which I write for international polics by the method .       




        Since European Federation was built , it had experienced unification of currency ---appearance of Eurodollar ,policy-making organazition of European Federation built , European Federation's expansion to the east ,European Federation of constitution etc. major affairs , from some major affairs , we may pay attention to European white man's wisdom and unity ,for example ,when European currencys were unified ,Eurodollar was experiencing many difficulties ,but finally ,it is still freedom of economy and politics that breaks through narrow resistance of conservatism in the locaties to make Eurodollar be recieved by most  Europeans who have common understanding and are farsighted .

            But ,since Eurodollar appearred for 5 years ,European Federation has experienced many difficulties , European Federation's expantion to the east was a difficult affairs ,this is because expansion to the east made number of countries in European Federation increasing , territory became extentive ,population increasing ,but difference of economy between the eastern and western Europe brought 

European Federation heavy burdern , in addition , a large number of the eastern Europeans immigrate to the western Europe ,this brought population policy troubles ,besides these difficulties ,diploma was heaviest loss for expansion to the east .

             The countries and districts where white men live distribute in Europe ,Northern America ,southern America and Oceania, population is no more than ten huandred millions ,total number of countries is tens ; although they play important roles in international economy ,polictics ,military affairs ,education ,science and technology , number of countries which are qualified to speak on international affairs independently would decrease if a large number of European countries were unified ; Immigrants and halfbreed would increase rapitly because countries of the white was less . So , diploma's emphasis of many big countries or districts where the white men live , such as America and Europe ,must be changed into Africa , Asia or America where a large of the coloured races have lived for a quite long time from the original confrontation be tween the superstrong countries .However , international politics must pay attension to problems of races .

        Once problems of races play important roles in international politics ,then ,many troublesome problems will appear , at the moment ,

the white exposes weakness of characters easily : How will the white help the black in Africa resolve problems about backwardness , famine , epidemic diseases and conflict between tribes ;How

will the white help Arabians and Jews settle territory disputes ,set females free and keep religion and terrorism from inundating in the world ;How will the white help Chineses ,Indians etc. resolve problems of overpopulation ; how will the white help Latin America develop economy .

         According to the two-point theory which I have refered to in characters of thinking ,we may make a conclusion : the white is excellent both in cerebrual grey matter and white matter or in input nerve system and output nerve system ,have strong memory thinkings and divergent thinkings ,i.e. ,memory is strong ,imagination is plentiful ,words are more and logical ,do something actively ,intercourse is wild ,they often recieve education in a higher level ; Both the black and the white are excellent in output nerve system ,,their words are more ,but the black is no better than the white in both grey matter and input nerve system ,so ,they have good divergent thinkings ,their words are more ,lack logic and topics are wild,they are good at motion and are capricious ,explosive force is good ,but their education is low ; Contrary to the b lack ,Both the Arabian

and the white are excellent in input nerve system ,their grey matter are stronger than white matter ,input nerve system is stronger than output nerve system ,but their white matter and output nerve system is no better than those of the white ,their memory is excellent , will is strong ,do something rationally ,treat with people honestly ,but their words are less than that of the white ,but is often logical ; Chinese and Indian is among them .

         Although the white is more excellent in many aspects , if they want to rule the globe ,it will be uneasy and the white is assimilated most easily , besides a large quantity of

the coloured are living in Africa and Asia ,many the coloured have been also living in Europe and America ,and number is still increasing rapitly ,rate of less popution of the white to total population over the world is getting less and less , if diploma's emphasis of America and Europe is changed into countries in which other races constitute majority from intercourse among countries of the white ,it will be possible that situation aggravates .In fact , diploma of the white has to be changed into intercourse between the white and other races from intercourse of the white ,influence of the white in the globe is decreasing ,money of the white is getting not at all surprising .it will be difficult for the white to rule the world again if number of countries of the white is less .

          According to history , countries which rule the globe at the early ages ,such as spain and Brith ,have , now ,win glories difficulty , again ,Spain has been dim ,Brith 's place among British Commonwealth of Nations exists in name essentially ,French Napolun , American Rooslve difficulty exists in the world ,again .

           However ,now ,war and conflict are getting less and less ,it will be difficult for the white to gain overwhelming superiority in Federation which is made up of every nations by military affairs ,and differnece between the white and other races is getting small ,so ,although European Federation is successful in internal affairs and economical policy ,but it will difficulty walk along road of which act as ruler of Federation of Nations .If Americans had abondoned election of people in Iraq and turned it into a nation directly under Federation of Nations , then Americans would have won the world first . 

          But ,diploma of the white still has overwhelming superiority,that is gene technology

which is developping vigorously ,now , the technology has been rapitly applied to food ,medical science ,reaserch in dry cell and American immigrant policy ,later ,they may appply it to external fertilization 

and improving human quanlity to gain overwhelming superiority in the world .

           President Bush is a person whose white matter of cerebrum is richer ,he is active in doing something and capricious easily in minds and has often minds of idealism and like to struggle against persons whose minds is conservative .So ,he can launch wars actively against Arabians who have been conservative for several hundred years , and brings Arabians American culture and democracy system of the white , in the point ,the white in Europe is no more than

Bush , because Arabians are difficulty persuaded and minds are conservative , they have strong sentiments and belief in himself,they need fear , so , in the end ,it's Americans who maybe win Arabians ,but they possibly give benefit to Europeans .

        However ,Bush is first president who really conquered Arabians as

the Spainard conquered Mexco first and Birth conquered China first .



                  Yours   Sincerely


                                            Cuiyou   Lee


                                            March 20th 2005              




            A  Letter  To  French  President  Chirac

              Can  Napolunism  be  prevalent  in  Europe  ?

          ------ Analysis of European consititutionism by two-point theory of thinking


      As President Bush has defeated Iraq , however ,whether he win Iran ,he has been the first President who conquerred Arab  the first Spaniard had conquered Mexico and Brith had conquered China of

mother of Qing emperor Ci Xi and Premier HonZhang Lee .

      But the war suggests a potential trend of which the world is divided into two extrmity , one extremity is the white , another is other coloured races , maybe ,some gentle coloured races are between them .

       Why can the trend exsit ? This is because the white try to popularize model of

co-operating to work on problems between them ,such as model of European Federation ,to all

Europe and even the world under condition that all races frequently contact each other, this is new Naplonism ,it's popularization of Napoluenism that causes two extremity of the world .

       Another ,Bush has put forward plan of the united nation's reform as model of European Federation ,this is an important step to Federation of Nations , if you are interested in Human economy ,you may adopt its model .   

       At the present , constitutionism is are major things in Europe ,it is an indication

that the white's forces which take Europe and America as the dominant factor are co-operating graduatelly ,and Arabian Federation and African Federation who take the coloured races as the dominent factor is going together .

       However ,it will still be important whether the coloured races who learn closely European Federation can tolerate european constitutionism rapitly ,this is key of which

New Napoluenism are popularized .

        Since European Federation was foundeed ,American authority also became weakened ,

at same time , it is willing to lose authority in world ,it is approaching Europe rising , European Federation is engaging on internal policy and is ging to win authoriry in the world ,

but it is impossible to kill two birds with one stone , so , it can only throw most energies into internal policy and has to deliver to American the white of the same clan to deal with international affair , especially ,a problems that America help itself keep a well place in the united Nations , if Europeans do so and America support reform of the united Nations actively , then persons who learn Europeans would decrease greatly and many persons would sit as equals at the same table and assign its benefit to other races , but not American white men .

        Then , how will American help Europeans keep its place in the world when they contact with other races ? The following , I will apply two-point theory to analysis of the problems ,as for as the theory ,I have put forward it in letter to Bush ,here , I will pay attension to application of the theory .

        According to two-point theory , from structure of brain , both the white's grey matter

and the white matter are best among all races , chest gland are strong , it acts on grey matter and white matter , simultaneously . Both memory thinkings and divergent thinkings are

excellent , so ,you can win admiration in international polictics ,economy , technology ,education . This is because grey matter is made up of nucleus of brain's nerve cells , it deals with information from extern .If Grey matter is thicker ,information which it

remember will be more and can be delt with well ,so ,one's memory will be better ,and words which are remembered will be more ,capability of making sentences is strong , key ,which is remembered by brain cortex , of a picture will be more ,so ,capability of which he deals with the picture will be strong and he will be good at arranging available things and doing things in order and well-organizedly .

          But , white matter is made up of nerve ending which is charge of delivering information from extern to grey matter or from grey matter to other parts of body or brain .

if one's white matter is dense ,one memory thinking is easily delivered to other new memory thinking to form a new thinking by white matter----the new formed thinking is our imagination ,---so ,his or her imagination will be abundant ; When information is considered at certain place of grey matter of all persons ,the information at a place of one person has been delivered to other information which is remembered at other place of his grey matter by dense white matter to form a new thinking before other persons form the new thinking ,so , his thinking will be different from others and depart from convention;He will make a lenghy speeches or article easily when information which are connected are changed into languages ; When one's thinking is often delivered to many place of his grey matter to consider others ,he will produce many new thinkings and like these persons ,so such one person often likes to associ ate with them and produces divergent thinking easily .

        Grey matter of Arabians is comparatively well ,but their white matter is not better than that of the white , so ,they are conservative and honest and difficultly divergent by white matter and often concentrate their attension to consider certain problem easily , so ,they are conservative and do something by the rules easily ,tranditional thinkings are not

easily changed and their minds are also difficultly changed along with changes of thinking of others , but they are unite easily because their minds equal easily .

        The black 's white matter is strong , chest gland is strong and thinkings are divergent ,a great quantity of information can be input and output simultaneously , so ,behaviors are radical and they often like sports .

         Characters of the Arabians are contrary to that of the black , but they are reasonable , honest ,are close to the white easily . But because divergent and radical thinkings which rich white matter of the white produce easily are usually uneasily recieved

by Arabian tranditional thoughts . So , difference between Arabian and the white's thinking will become larger and larger until both races make wholy contratory conclusions ,but the white often do something radically ,so , Arabian often oppose the white , but the white are often disguested with the black strongly because of colour of skin and some more radical behavior of the black ,on the contrary , to make the black who are good at showing themselves in ideology stand with Arabians together in some basic minds against the position of the white to isolate the white ,but reasonable Arabians , finally ,will be still persuaded by the white's radical thoughts and admire the white's achievement in technology, military affair annd economy and recognize authority in the world easily .If the white treat with relation of races ,the world will be easily divided into two opposed extremity ,every coloured races equals in the position .

          But ,if the white offends the black who is more radical than the white in behavior ,other races ingratiate themselves with the white easily because of colour of skin and faithful characters ,so , position among races will equal uneasily .

          But ,the first situation is possible ,because the radical white has to speak so that the Arabian oppose them , and they will have no reason if they interfere the black ,Most important ,all coloured races need to equal .  

           So ,if the white win authority ,the best way is popularize themselves ,such as ,democracy ,freedom ,politics , to the world ,under condition of the unified standard ,because it's easy to split the world under condition without unified standard ,this will cause dispute between the white .

            European consititutionalism is a good chance that popularize themselves .

If it is successful ,then ,in the enviornment of milti-cultures ,the white will win dispute with many races , this indicates that the united Nations which are controlled by all races can

recieve model of Federation of Nations ,which is put forward by European white ,many countries hope that it can engage in internal poplicy ;If it is not successful ,this indicates that standing of one extremity of the coloured race has risen ,they have dare to say "no "

to some things of the white .

              France is one main intiator of European Federation's consitionism ,whether French wisdom can make consititutionalism successful will directly impair European future and French position in European Federation ,however ,can French thoughts be prevalent in European ? Can New Napolunism be prevalent in Europe ?


              Yours  Sincerely


                         Cuiyou  Lee


                           April  second , 2005       





                            A  Letter  To  Mrs. Hillary


      However ,  some students will work in American after they graduate ,but which students are fit to stay in America ? We must have a standard , according to

capability , what is standard ? The following ,I will discuss the problems by appling the two-point theory ,main elements which decide one's capability of thinkings include grey matter matter ,white matter and chest gland ,but because chest gland can be used along with both grey matter and white matter ,another ,it decides quantity of thinking , I will not discuss it ,I only concerns grey matter and white matter .

      Grey matter is made up of nucleus of brain's nerve cells ,it is main site where brain deal with external message , as for as those persons whose grey matter is abundant ,analytical and comprehensive capability is relatively strong when they are familiar with certain message ,ability of making sentences is strong , ability of treating with a image is strong ; Be good at arranging the available things , doing something is comparatively in order and well-organized ;such persons are fit for player of chess and bridge ,painters ,accountant ,

statistician ,computer , theoritical physicist ,doctor and nurse and specialist who develop ripe theories .

       White matter is made up of the the nerve ending ,it is passages by which brain deliver message ,if one person's white matter is rich ,his imagination will be abundant and he often likes to contact with others ,thinking is easily divergent and like to make lenghty speech ;

stytle of doing something is usually different from others and depart from convention and capability of activity is strong ; be fit for musician ,artist and inventers ; But , persons and whose both grey matter and white matter are good at routine management and making friends and be fit for being president ,fit for reaserching law ,economy ,literature , physiology ,chemistry ,biology ,politics ,diploma ,experimental physicist .

         Standard of capability which is available at our compuses is capability of persons whose grey matter is rich , this is because our high education pays attension to training capability of reaserching theories .

          As for as which persons live a life in America or which persons don't live a life in America ,this must consider which type of capability America need , grey matter type or white matter type ? From the present situation of American capabale persons , many persons have passed GRE ,most of them belong to the grey matter type capabale persons ,if they stay in America for a long time ,this will make America conservative in many aspects , so , if America keep active for a long time ,the best way will be to increase person's activity and the white matter type persons and keep balance of both grey matter and white matter .

           From history of American immigrants , 100 years ago , most immigrants were workers whose quality were low ,but they had spirit of activity ,their thinking is wild and belong to divergent thinking evidently ,many of them independently develop career ,that white matter is rich is their important characters .

            I think ,American government should encourage persons whose capability of social activities is strong ,and who are novel in doing thing , and can do pioneering work and be self-supporting to stay in America , and be short of encouraging the grey matter-type capabale persons who want to enter big commpanies , but can't have contribution for commpany .

             Another ,if we can determine gene type of all capabale persons and distribution of all gene type ,and according to these , it will be better things that we leave persons who can remedy gene type which America and every state have lacked .

        Since pre-Chairman Xiaoping Deng open gate which Chineses go to American universities ,many have been successful ,they are needed by both countries .

        Do you launch a movement of which aim at perservating more foreign students to go back to their own countries to work ,if you would ,you may contact education ministry so as to be reponded and make a quota distribution list ,if the movement can develop for a long time , it will be possible to make immigrant convention by which limit number of immigrants .



                        Yours Sincerely


                                  Cuiyou Lee


                                  April second , 2005


            A  Letter  about  GRE                

                                                  By  Cuiyou   Lee


                                                   Jannuary  28th    2005


                                                   From  Little Rabit Ebox


   Presently , GRE are prevalent in the globe , many students achieve high scores of the examination and have chances of going to America , although the examination play an important role for that American education and all trades attract the talent , several years ago , GRE adopted computer instead of pencil to make many students feel that GRE , indeed ,takes a step forward in checking student's ability . But , as GRE has a longer history  , range of examination , type of problems , style of crrecting examination papers ,model of resolving problems have all been familiar by many students ,(these people often use the original problems  of GRE as excerses ) ,for they can achieve enoughly high scores in examination .

Although these people's scores are high in GRE , ability which they actually master English is further lower than ability which their scores stand for , ability of reading is still lower than that of Americans , spoken language and listening is worse and time on which other disciplines except English are spent is much less .

So , GRE need be changed so that examination can check difference of student's capability under the situation that students are familiar with GRE in the  aspects , GRE committee takes computer the place of pencil in examination to increase level of testing difference of student's ability ,Although this is an active and benefitful step which GRE

committee takes , if we want to check student's ability , the step is still small ,it's very good to adopt ways of human--computer dialogue .

Why should GRE adopt way of human--computer dialogue ? Because it can determine human ability ,

according to what to determine a student's ability ? When our brain are thinking , brains often uses images and voice messages and language , images and voice meessage often are our beginning of thinking , by describing image and voice messages in languages , it completes one thinking ,it means ,one person's eyes and ears play an important role on determining human ability of abservation and listening , whereas one's language is responsible for determining human logic and judgement ,equally, to make sentences is to organize logical thinking ,so ,one person can use all ability at the same time when talking with each other ,when way of human--computer dialogue is adopted ,all ability of students can be used , because there is no problem about listening in GRE ,center of  examination may make both pattern problems which check ability of observation and language problems which check languages , at the end of letter , I present an article about theory of brain mechanism .

So ,I will talk about how to make problem of human--computer dialogues :

    1) In GRE , part of words and phrase and part of mathematics won't be changed , part of logic will be changed , every question includes 10 subquestions ,number of answers which can be choosed in every subquestion is changed from the original five to ten--twenty , and students can choose several correct answers which accord with logic of the original .  

    2) Computers make the first subquestion of question one according to the original and its answers which can be choosed ,after it is worked , computers also make the second subquestion which have logical relation with the original and the last subquestion's answers which students have choosed ,and it gives ten-twenty answers which can be choosed ,again ,after it is worked ,too ,computers make the next subquestion as the above way until to complete question one . these subquestions have logical relations .

     3) As such ,making question two , question three , until to complete all questions about the original .

     4) Standard of completing a question is as following : According to the original ,every subquestion and student's answers ,computers make judgement which accords with logic ,by these

judgement , they find logic which students have made , and ask student's subquestions which accord with logic of the above continuously ,until computers find logic in an answer to contracdict the objective logic ,standard or common knowelege or find the above subquestions' answers which students had given contradict logically the subquestion's answer which students have given or find the subquestion's answer which students have given not accord with the original logically .When computers find an student's mistake like the above ,the question will be wrong ,at the same time ,computers stop the question ; If computers find that student's answers of all 10 continuous subquestion are correct , their question will be correct .

     5) Before examination , the original , subquestions about it will be stored in computer's database for examination .

     6) After examination , students achieve scores according to questions and their answers .

         The following is an example of problems in examination of way of human---computer dialogues . 

   Question one :

     When we play a chess , if both parties take a best piece

at the time that they take every piece , will combination of these best steps be single ? ( We will call it as formula of chess if it is single .According to rules of chess , can we 

think that structure of brain is best ? I had ever given the problem to Harvard to prove )  

   Subquestion one :

   Do you think that formula of chess exists ?

       A )   do exist          B )   don't exist

     If one student answers "B" ,   question one will be over .

     If he answer "A" , computer will give him another subquestion .

     Subquestion two :

     If formula of chee exists and the first step of the formula is that the third soldier on the left side take a step forward , can we take another best combinationas the formula of chess when

the we take the third soldier on the right side ?

     A )  can               B )  can't

     If he answers " A " , subquestion two will be over ;

     If he answer " B " , his computer will show " wrong " and question one is over .

      When a computer adopts way of human--computer dialogue ,the way is based on theory of logic ,it can use software or hardware to carry out it ,in the article , I will introduce the brain theory which carry out the theory .

          In addition , my thinking theory of brain can play an important role on smiplying the theory of physics , such as the theory of field and string theory , and way of reaserching physics so that quantum theory and string theory become more unnecessary ,the conclusion will be made in "A Letter From The 19th Centry To Females" .


             Introduction To The Theory Of  brain's Thinking   


      In the theory , I put forward three viewpoints :

      1) Brain's thinking is a automobile course: In  brain , messages can be transmited to the other nerve cells in which energy is lower from nerve cells in which energy is high artribularily and automobilely .

      2) a message which is used in thinking can be cut short or connect other messages .

      3) two messages have character of which same parts of each message look for and connect with

each other ,and the character can make messages combine .

      The theory is based on the thinking theory of brain , so , I will introduce it to you .

      For you understand the article , I will introduce some concepts to you .

      1) Thinking units---- Nerve cells which can transmit nerve pulse ,but no memory matter exists .

      2) labelled units ----- Nerve cells in which both nerve cells and nerve pulses exist


      For explaining the the theory , I will show a figure about thinking .


        Eyes <------>Visual nerve center<----I-->Language nerve center <---> mouth              



           Ears <---> hearing nerve center<--I  


       It is also regarded as figure of thinking of artificial intelligence , at the time ,it shows relation among each part of intelligence machine which is concerned with thinking .

       The following ,I will discuss the theory of thinking of brain , then I will begin with thinking which is concerned with vision , formation of the brain's thinking involves eyes , nerves cells at the bottom of eyes,nerve delieve cells between them ,(they are mainly in white matter of brain ) ,and visual nerve cells of center in cerebral cortex , here , there are a large number of cell nucleuses of visual nerve cells which are used to distinguish an image  , in addition ,visual nerve cells connect with brain's part which is responsible for memory .

       When one person uses eyes to look at the external thing , light enters his eyes by reflect of the external thing , at the time , light hasn't been the mixed light any longer ,but it is monochromatic light which show color of the external objects ,after the light enters eyes and is refraction by irises whose focal distances are adjusted , it irradiates with sensitive cells and color cells on the bottom of eyes , so , messages which express light and darkness of the external objects and color enters visual nerve cells as nerve pulse by fibres of visual nerve cells according to place of cells on the bottom of eyes ,in visual nerve center ,cells of visual nerve center draw pattern of the external objects according to light and darkness , color and place of messages , then are transmitted to memory system and messages on the bottom of eyes are remembered by nerve center as place .

       The formming course of hearing thinking is similar to that of visual thinking ,voice which load the external messages enters passage of voice and then enters hearing nerve center  as nerve pulse by nerve cells of hearing  in order which syllables propagate , then these syllables are transmitted to memory system in brain in order and are remembered .

       No matter which thinking of vision or thinking of hearing ,difficultly forms the complicated thinking which is useful for us , the both thinkings are often used when one person is a baby and before the complicated thinking are formed .Both must be conformitied to become our practical thinking ,the both thinkings are the two types , but other thinkings , such as motion thinking , appitate thinking etc.these thinkings are coordinate , the simple thinking is importance of messages which is used by the compilcated thinking because it can label one message .

       Conformity each other is a very complicated course , the degree of complication is different as thinking's characters but conformity of thinking is approximately same .

       Important part of thinking conformity is brain's grey matter , here , cell nucleus of many nerve cells or some nerve cells as a whole in grey matter ,these cells or cell nucleus are mixed and disorderly in cerebral cortex ,completing task of connecting and interrupting nerve pulses which include message from every nerve center,logic . Judgement , reasoning and distinction of message in thinking are all delt with in the part .

       Another important part of thinking is white matter of brain ,it plays a role of which messages are transmited between nerve center and sense organ.

       Another important elements in thinking's conformity is human feeling , it can stimulate cerebral hormine which can cause activity of cerebral nerve cells and make nerve cells of brain interrupt and connect message in thinking and can produce and stop thinking and produce difference of energy

between each thinking units , make nerve pulses propagate from high energy part to low energy part to make thinking change , our familiar angry ,sexual desire , scares and so on feeling can produce the above thinking effect ,thinking which sexual desire produces is often concerned with sexual distiction . Here , to say the course of conformity more clearly , I regard a group of nerve cells which hold message of an image or a syllable by nerve pulses as a thinking unit , a group of nerve cells which store message of an image or a syllable by memory matter as a message unit ,at the time of thinking ,nerve pulses transmit among many thinking units and label units ,and connect every unit , after nerve pulses passes by , brain 's nerve cells return to normal rapidly ,nerve pulses may be produced by sense organ and only propagate from high energy to low energy .

       The following , we will discuss conformity of visual thinking and hearing thinking .

       As an image message enters visual nerve center to form visual thinking through visual nerve system of brain , voice message also forms a hearing thinking in hearing nerve cells system , the both thinkings connect with each other at memory system and an image is entrusted meaning which is expressed by voice or other images ,or a voice is entrusted meaning which is expressed by an images ,both are entrusted meaning simultaneuosly by conformity .

         Another ,both image messages or both voice messages are also conformitied togher and entrusted meaning each other , such course is helped by the aults at the age of babies , these thinkings are all simple thinking .

        How does simple thinking form the complicated thinking or how does both simple thinkings label each other  ?

 First ,I will disscuss distinction of images .

        When an image enters visual nerve center by  eyes , every point in an image is changed into brain's messages and stored in visual nerve center cells which are arranged as these points' places in the image , these cells of visual nerve center  produce and relieve nerve pulses , with the help of cerebral hormone , these nerve pulses look for group of visual nerve cell which remember the corresponding message which exists as memory matter which easily recieve nerve pulses and whose arranged places are similar to themselves , if finding them , the new images are distinguished and remembered , the distinguished way is more complicated than the above way . So is voice message and distinguish is also way of conformity.

       How does message which enters brain look for the other messages ?

       Then ,when a message reach group of cell necleus of nerve cells which recieve message from sensetive organ or group of other nerve cell as nerve pulses , these nerve pulses is dependent on cerebral hormone to stimulate new nerve pulses in cell nucleus of nerve cells which recieve nerve pulses , these nerve pulses are relieved to many other groups of nerve cell in which energy is lower than that of them from each nerve fibres of group of these nerve cell and diffuse outsides continuously to nerve cells in which energy is lower from these group of nerve cell again , until these nerve pulses find group of nerve cell which have memory matter which makes energy of their sites lower and easily recieve these nerve pulses and have recieved nerve pulses and whose arranged place is fit and are transmitted , so , one new m essage find another message that have been remembered ,If human brain think complicatedly , it will not be enough for it to distinguish a new message ,it will deal with new messages and some messages which have been remembered to form the thinking way of imagination ,anlyse ,judgement ,logic as we say ,what does brain deal with after message is distinguished ?

       First , a message need be cut off ,after a message is distinguished , nerve pulses which they produce go on looking for other label units which store similar message , during the course of looking for these units ,nerve pulses which both different parts of one nerve cells relieve find messages which is similar to themselves respectively , so , the message is divided into two parts .

        Second , besides both simple thinking message which the above has refered to connect with each other ,

brains make a large number of compilcated messages combine, composition of these compilcated thinking will be completed in every nerve center in cerebral cortex and memory system , after both combination are basically same , nerve pulses from parts of group of nerve cell of two different thinking units combine and they look for other messages so that they are distinguished , remembered and new messages and the course is combined .

        the course which all messages are rememberd , distinguished and look for other messages or are found ,divided and combination are regarded as the complicated thinking , energy of all thinking units which take part in the complicated thinking are low and lower gradually in order ,when results of the complicated thinking are transmited to language nerve center ,thinkings become language thinking and then are transmitted to mouth to become language .



                             Magnetic  Model


       Resently ,I apply simplified analysis way of physics to reaserch " magnetic model " which is fit for many matters, by reaserching the model ,I think , all matters have magnetism ,and these magnetic matters constitute other bigger matters as all kinds of rules ,so they form all familiar matters and phenomena of physics ,here , I call conclusions of which small magnetic matters form bigger matters as " Ruled Physics " ,according to model ,we think that matters have three characters .

    The basic law of the model is : all matters have magnetism ,they connect other matter in all kinds of form of interaction ,interaction between these matters depend on princeple of which interaction between matters occures along the direction of which total magnetic moment of system which is made up of all matters which participle in interaction is zero .

     Magnetic model has three following characters :

     1) Any neutrual particle is magnetic saturation and it means ,when particles interact each other ,they form an entity according to basic law of magnetic model ,after all matters have interacted ,if total magnetic moment of whole system is not zero ,it will be able to interact with other particles which can make total magnetic moment in the system zero , until magnetic moment of system is zero , interaction is over .

        Four interactions which we have known well ,electromagnetism , strong ,weak and gravitation ,are same , in nature , we mustn't consider GUT , result of these interactions makes total magnetic moment of whole system is zero .

       2) Any matter has no mass under the neutrual condition and has mass under non-neutrual condition , i.e. , an external field .

          Production of mass ,in essence ,is the course of which matter is changed into magnetic matter or more strongly magnetic matter in the gravitational field or in magnetic field .Quantity which indicates polarization of matter in external field may be regarded as

magnetic moment ,certain more complicated relation exists between magnetic moment and mass .

       sometimes ,we say that some matters have no masses ,that is because they are polarized difficulty in the gravitational field , for example ,photon has no mass in gravitational field around the earth ,but in superstrong field , it has mass ,such as in the field which is formed by black hole , photon can produce curve and mass .

         3 ) Any matter can spin or rotate .

         When magnetic matters are in external field , it rotates according to basic law of magnetic model; If matter is neutrual , when difference of magnetic moment of each diffrent parts of matter is not zero ,matter will rotate until magnetic moment is zero .

         The three characters can be confirmed in many phenomena of physics ,for example , many matters ,including neutrinoes and high energy cosmic rays ,in celestial body , are found to have magnetism which can interact with external field ; Pauli had predicted,neutrinoes had no mass ,but several years ago ,we found that it had mass .

         Electromagnetism , strong ,weak and gravitational interactions are unified to string model , but according to magnetic model ,the four interactions are unified to magnetic model .

         Method of which I analyse magnetic model is a simple way which explains phenomena of physics directly and those complicated formulaes and conclusions can't be adopted .

          At same time that I adopt the means to analyse characters of matters , I also seek to use quantum theory ,string theory and even supersymmetry theory to do it and build mathematician model ,I amn't successful ,I expect that you and other physicists can help me build theory of magnetic model .




                 Intoduction To  A  Ancient  Poet

   Bai Lee is the greatest poet in history of China , he was borned

at Chinese Tang Dynasty ,more than one thousnd three hundred years ago ,at that time ,he was

 named as "poet-immortal " .

        He show very abundant imagination in his poems ,his language of his poems seemed as if both floating cloud and flowing water ,his poetry were full of colour of romanticism ,in his poems ,he always combined personal ideals with discontent of reality .

         Level of his poetry might compare with the great poets in Europe,even if all poets in the world are considered since ancient times ,I think ,he must be one of the first several places.

         If you want to understand Chinese literature ,his poetry is most worthy reading .

                   Some Remarks about My Letter

           I make some casual remarks about my letters in physics ,  in

later letters, I will elaborate them .       

            The present physics is at the ages of which is kept serverly by the theoritical physics and is developped uneasily and also lose it actrual meanings in the aspect ,At the same time , it doesn't conform to law of human thinkings which , in essence , we explain images which we have seen by using languages ,so ,theoritical physics need simplify many problems so that our physics is fit to law of thinkings,

           Another , any theory of physics can't be complete as cerebrual thinking, so , by simpling theory of physics , I put forward to a law of which theory of physics can't be complete, i.e. we can't apply any theory to explain all phenomena of physics completely . 


         At the same time , I also put forward to "magnetic model " ,if the model is developped ,not only can we know princeples of interaction

among matters : Interaction of matters occures in the direction of zero magnetic moment ,but also  it is regarded as magnetic rotating theory which is applied for reaserching UFO .

         At first , topic of letter to President Bush is " From European Federation's Expansion to the east , looking at diploma of the white ".

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Silent disco

This is a great idea. No more suited blokes whispering in the DJs ear to turn it down, and no more having to verbally interact with anyone else. Idea: perhaps different headphones could have different delays, allowing the DJ to do tricks like having a rush ripple across the crowd, or have sections of the crowd alternate spasticity and release out of phase with one another.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ipod batteries

Hey, I know many of youse rock Ipods, so I thought you might be interested in this. My battery is totally dead, and I am going to try and replace it myself. I bought a battery from here, that claims it will be better than the original and costs just 25 dollars. I will let you know how it goes. I also read that wiping it and reinstalling the software can restore the battery life. Apple "We understand that it works, but we have no idea why".

Film recommendation

Hello. I recommend watching Songs From The Second Floor for some surreal scandinavian misery.
How much have you all listened to "The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda"? I love it but I had no idea there was a movie. A prize for the first person who figures out where I can find a copy.
When am I going to start brewing, you ask? Sometime after I get paid, which I hope should happen soon.